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Practical solutions ensuring safe, effective compliance with building regulations

Established in 2010, Asper Pty Ltd is a well established company that specialises in Building Surveying and Building Permits on any Commercial or Retail or Industrial Buildings and also in nominating and identifying Essential Safety Measures and conducting audits on the condition and provides written reports that are easy to read that comes in a user friendly logbook. We also conduct Maintenance Determinations on what Essential Safety Measures that exists in buildings.

Paul Milner, a professional Building Surveyor, who has had many years of experience in the Building Industry operates the company. This includes Building Permits, Maintenance Determinations, Audits on Essential Safety Measures, Annual Essential Safety Measure Reports (AESMR) and development advice through to physical site consultation. Although only recently incorporated, the organization is hungry to continue advancement in propagation of additional institutional clients, and the aggressive pursuits of total client satisfaction.

We also provide a range of services for Property Owners, Facilities Managers and Commercial Property Managers such as up to date information on any changes to the Building Regulations, Building Act, Building Code of Australia/National Construction Code, Australian Standards or other relevant changes with the government legislation that is relevant to the Essential Safety Measures. Of course, we can also provide solutions to any Essential Safety Measures problems.

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